Monday, February 3, 2014


We embrace Christianity in Africa but failed to embrace the act and mind of Christianity. We speak 'christianese' but we don't do the act christianity. A lot of folks back here are yet to be delivered from serious demonic forces that have ravaged Africa for centuries. It takes the spirit of God to process this stuffs and not sense knowledge.

Now, let me paint a scenerio for you. Confess Christianity from now till Jesus comes, if you don't act and do the will of God nothing will happen. In the Western world, the children, the aged and the most vulnerable in the society are of great importance to government.

Politicians campaign and fight for election based on who can best take care of the people or do it better among their political parties and leaders. They protect the weak and the most vulnerable seriously. Any society that fail to cater for the young, the old and the most vulnerable of their population is acursed!

The Western world might not profess Christianity the way we do, but they act it in the way they relate and cater for the most vulnerable amongst them. That's why Jesus said in the good book, "I was thirsty u did not give me water, I was homeless YOU did not shelter me. I was naked and cold but YOU did not give me a covering". Then, they (Christians) asked Him, when did you suffer all these things that we did not come to your rescue? We even heal and perform miracles in your name. He answered them, "once you did not do it to the least of these persons ( the weak, poor, naked and homeless) you have not done it unto me". He thereafter said; I know you not, you workers of iniquity!

Take note folks, those things that Jesus itemised are what the Western govt don't joke about with their citizens...shelter, food, clothing, healthcare etc. Meanwhile, those are the things that African govt neglects.

Now, my question is, who is doing God's will? Have you ever wondered why the Western world in spite of whatever economic recession confronts them, they keep excelling, breaking new grounds, but African countries with churches all over the place keep retrogressing? Christianity is an act, not a confession. Africa needs deliverance from the demonic spirit of greed, hate and idolatory. These are the reasons why African leaders always get it wrong...Flesh and blood can't reveal this except spiritual discernment. I tell a lot of friends going into politics to look before they leap or else they will be attacked by these forces and you wonder why someone you knew so well get into govt and start to keep up with the Joneses..
-KayLord 2014

What we need to understand is that society would have to determine and define the standard she wants to live by. That is why nations have sovereign power to set rules it wants to live by either based on its tradition, culture or religion.

By African standard, nay Nigeria, in whatever way you look at it, culturally, traditionally or religiously homosexuality is an anathema to us as a people. Now, this is not a liberty to hate homosexuals but we have the right to hate the sin in them. It is barbaric to stone or kill any man unjustly just becausec he/she claims to be gay. That is another barbaric act and you can't win the war against a barbaric practise in a barbaric way.

Let homosexuals stay in the confines of their bedrooms to do what the heck they want to do...I don't give a huit! But, they should not throw it on our faces or ask us to change our laws and our ways to accomodate them or thier getting married legally. That would be insulting our sensibilities.

I have lived abroad, I worked with them and we relate and I don't have any issues with them as human beings. I don't have the capacity to hate any man, but keep your 'shit' to yourself and don't throw it in my face or ask us to make laws to accomodate your wieredness.
-KayLord 2014. #justmytake

Wednesday, January 22, 2014


Poverty has never and will never be a sign of holiness.

Isaiah 54: 1-11 summarized in a nutshell the wish of God for His own children concerning financial prosperity.
Also, 3John 2- “Beloved, I wish above all things that you may prosper and be in health, even as your soul prosper”.
Please, don’t spiritualise the above passage from the Bible too much. One good thing about the above passage is that Apostle John broke it down in such a way that nobody will muddle it up, over spiritualise, or rationalise it. He talked about you prospering financially, physically and spiritually.

Christians want a healthy life; they also want a fulfilling spiritual life but often frown at having good money and a life of luxury. I think the problem of a lot of Christians is the ability to balance this 3 aspect of prosperity that Apostle John talks about.
Jesus was born in a Manger not for lack of money but lack of space. Please, stop rationalising poverty with the fact that Jesus was born in such lowly place. Joseph tried very much to get a room in the inn (hotel), but there was no more room available. It was a peak period for travelers because census was taking place; therefore, all available accommodation had been taken up. In other words, Joseph had money!
History recorded that Carpentry was a noble job in the ancient Jewish culture. In other word, Joseph was not a pauper. He was a successful wood and carpentry entrepreneur who was quite wealthy.

After Jesus was crucified, the Roman soldiers were casting lot over who should have Jesus’s clothes for keeps. NOTE: Roman Empire was colonizing almost half of the world at that period. History recorded that Roman Soldiers were the best equipped and best paid in the world. No wonder they were able to conquer and put under the control of Ceaser almost half of the world.
If Roman soldiers were therefore casting lots on who should have Jesus’s cloth, does that not show that the cloth was precious and was of an expensive fabric? Why should well paid soldiers bother about the cloth if it were a cheap rag?

The Bible recorded that we are a King and Priest of the highest God. Can a King be poor?

Psalm 118:25 – “Save now I beseech thee O LORD; O LORD, I beseech thee, send now prosperity.”

It is not of God to be poor. God is interested in your financial prosperity, but there are things to understand to be blessed financially. It is quite ironical that a lot of people arrogate Christianity to poverty. It takes your believe in God and His word to know that it is of God for you to be financially prosperous. In whatever we do in life, what God is looking out for is the motive behind it. Your motive determines if you will be financially blessed.

The main purpose of financial blessing is for the kingdom of God – Matt. 6:33.
Financial blessing is not about extravagance or for you to be able to satisfy your unbridled lust and passion. Your motive qualifies or disqualifies you for financial blessing.

Bless the poor – Matt. 6:1-3. When last did you bless those around you that you know are indeed poor? You wonder why financial blessing have eluded you in spite of all the hard work and degrees in your kitty. Look round you…bless someone in need today!
Bless those who are blessing you – Bless your Pastor handsomely….yes! I repeat, bless your Pastor very well – Galatians 6:6. You must bless those who GENUINELY are blessing you spiritually. 1Cor. 9:11 “If we have sown unto you spiritual things, is it a great thing if we shall reap your carnal things?” I did not say so; this is what the word of God says…..

There is an erroneous believe that Pastor are more spiritual when they are poor. In fact, some Christians are more comfortable with poor Pastors. This thinking is purely from the pit of hell! This is one of the tricks the devil is using to deprive a lot of Christians from receiving their blessings. Let there be a balance, am not talking of con artist that profess to be a Pastor just for the gains.
If you are really a child of God, the Spirit of God resides in you to discern and know a man that is truly called of God to be a Pastor, in whose assembly you should attend for spiritual nourishment.

Sew good seeds….

© Kay Lord 2014

Wednesday, October 30, 2013


Now that things are working well with you in virtually every area of your life, do you feel the need to pray more? After all, when situation was really bad, you have really prayed. Hmmmm...I can feel someone thinking aloud...'I really prayed in those days when things were so bad for me'. My question to you now is; do you still feel the urge to pray like that, now that most of the things that turned you into a 'prayer warrior' in the past have all been sorted and answered by God?

You need to understand that success brings with it greater opportunities for failure if you are not spiritually sensitive. Have you ever wondered why some folks you know to be a very strong praying person suddenly relax after success comes? Have you also tried to find out why all of a sudden everything starts to get worse again?

There was a story of a young man who went to see his Pastor and said, 'I was so tested and tried, things were so difficult before, I really prayed to God and am happy to inform you Pastor that my life generally has smoothed out. I am not been tempted hardly at all anymore'. The Pastor looked deeply alarmed-not the reaction the young man was expecting. 'That's about the worst thing I could have heard', the Pastor told the young man. He further told him, 'That shows you are no longer in warfare! The devil is not worried about you anymore.'

Folks, we are redeemed and commissioned for the front lines. That is why we are of the Davidic generation, the generation that takes the battle to the enemy. Believe it or not, everything you have today, physically, materially and all the successes acquired are all spoils of war!

For every level you attain in life, there is a new devil to contain and contend with. You can't allow success to take the best of you. The moment you achieve something remarkable in life is the moment to intensify in your prayer and spiritual life because the primary assignment of the devil is not to see your head lifted up.

This is a call NEVER to take your hand off the plough, there is a higher call placed upon you. Don't settle for better when there is a place called best! Why are you getting carried away with little success when God has a place called great reserved for you. Why is your prayer and spiritual life becoming lukewarm, why do you want the devil to deceive you with what you have now when God planned something better?

It is time to step up and come up higher!


Wednesday, September 18, 2013


As a Christian have you always wondered why you keep praying for money and material blessings and it seems God is not listening or answering your prayer?
You keep wondering; what am I going to do?
I need to pay rent….
I need to pay my children’s school fees...
I need to buy a car or change the old one am using….
In fact, I need to change my wardrobe…all my clothes are outdated….
When am I going to be able to afford to take my family on vacation abroad?

If you look at all the above, you will realize that everything is tied to monetary blessing and this is where we miss it as Christians. We’ve appropriated God’s blessing to monetary gains alone whereas there are a lot of issues in your life that God is dealing with but you are so spiritually blind that you cannot see it because it does not show in your bank balance…

Sometimes, God is dealing with foundational issues about your life, but you are busy praying for money. God will not give you money when you have serious foundational issue; rather God wants to clear the debris caused by years of sin, covenants and ancestral curses militating against your life. You can’t build something or nothing! If the foundational issues are not dealt with, the money you get will fritter away.
Likewise, God is doing some wonderful stuff concerning your health and that of your family but you can’t see it because you are so focused about praying for money. Let me ask you, when last did you visit the hospital concerning your personal health or that of your spouse and children? God is busy keeping you healthy first, yet you can’t see it. Have you ever wondered that there are people who have so much money but they are using it to pay hospital bills all over the world?

When food is placed in front of you, you swallow it within a twinkle of an hour. Do you know there are people who can only be fed liquid food through tubes in hospitals?
You drive your car like Michael Shumaccher, yet you have never experienced a car accident. In fact, there are instances you think you should have had an accident but God kept you, He is also protecting your family from dangers everyday… can’t see it because it is not money.
Our sense of value of things God is doing in our lives has been so distorted because of our inordinate ambition to acquire monetary blessing. Sometimes, God knows that if He blessed you with the kind of money you are praying for at a particular period of your life you will deny your faith in Him. Meanwhile, God is more interested in your soul and you making eternal life than all the money in the world.

Christians often quote this particular passage in the Bible to justify praying for money: “The blessing of the Lord brings wealth without painful toil to it” – Prov10:22. In some other versions instead of the word ‘brings’ it is substituted with ‘comes’. The BLESSING of the Lord is not money! The blessing of the Lord is a much greater thing than money, the only thing is that money comes along with it….you see; it’s like going somewhere for a purpose to do something specific, but you asked a friend to come along with you just for the fun of it. Money only tag along when God is bringing His BLESSING (note there is no‘s’ behind the blessing) to you.

There is more to your life than money, stop fretting, money will tag along eventually but meanwhile let God take you through the process of dealing with the most important issues in your life for now!
You have to keep thanking God for that which He is doing in your life NOW and ask that His will be done in your life. No matter how hard it looks believe me; he would make MANNA available for you to meet the present hunger pangs. Until the process is finished you can’t possess the land flowing with and honey.
“For I know the plans I have for you, declares the Lord, plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future” – Jer. 29:11.

Would you rather not key into His plan for your life rather than your own selfish plans?


Tuesday, June 11, 2013



1Timothy 6:6-19

The are four (4) categories of people in the world:

a) The Haves
b) The Have Nots
c) The Yet to Have
d) The Use to Have

Often, (a) and (b) can't sleep. "The Haves' because of their money and 'The Have Nots' because they have no money.

There are four ways to protect your finances:

(1) It is certain: It is common, it is normal and it is certain that you can't escape economic uncertainty. Uncertainty is certain! 1Tim 6:17 - Charge them that are rich in this world, that they be not high-minded, not trust in uncertain riches, but in the living God, who giveth us richly all things to enjoy.
⁃ No single investment works every time, therefore, diversify into other areas to make money. Diversification is for a man of faith and a man of faith is a man that can take a risk. Even, God took a risk by creating man. Profit will always flow back to you when you diversify - send your grains across many waters.

⁃ Expect changes and look for opportunities within and around you. Eternal vigilance is the price of liberty, don't be too rigid to make changes when and where it is necessary in the pursuant of your goal.

⁃ In spite of the uncertainties, correct principles work correctly every time.

⁃ Where can we get timeless wisdom to unlock, hold and fasten our life during financial crises? The Bible! Biblical perspective is always right, always relevant and it never changes.

⁃ Job is uncertain, wealth is uncertain, savings/retirement plan is uncertain. Only God is certain - 1Tim 6: 17b …but in the living God, who giveth us richly all things to enjoy. Psalm 62:5 …yes, my soul, find rest in God; my hope comes from Him (NIV)

⁃ Financial institutions come and go but Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today and forever.

(2) The most important economic indicator is not what the experts tells you: As a christian do not be led by sense knowledge in taking economic decision but be led by the spirit of God.

⁃ You account and cheque book is the best indicator of the state of your economy. The in-flow, out-flow and the balance in your account is the clear indicator of your state of economic health.

(3) Economic crisis creates a climate of tension, anxiety and fear: Ecl 7:7- Surely oppression makes a wise man mad… In times like this, you are either a thermostat or a thermometer. It is called a thermostat or thermometer principle.

⁃ When the atmospheric condition is unbearable, a thermometer turns red in panic. That is, the condition is what determines the reaction level of a thermometer. When the condition is bearable, the thermometer is stable but when the condition is unbearable, it panics and turns red.

⁃ The thermostat controls the atmospheric condition, it is in control, it gauges and determines the condition. Now, the question is; which one are you? A themometer or a thermostat?

⁃ You panic when your finances is going red because you think God is not faithful - A thermometer christian.

⁃ Be a thermostat christian. Control the economic climate around you by using the four (4) principle enumerated in part 1 of this write up.

(4) Regardless of the financial forecast control your approach: You can always control your approach, your attitude and your response to whatever the experts are forecasting- Job 3:25-26 -For the thing I greatly feared is come upon me, and that which I was afraid of is come unto me. I was not in safety, neither had I rest, neither was I quiet; yet trouble came.

⁃ Job was offering sacrifices unto God out of fear of what might happen. He was not doing it out of faith in God.

⁃ Sometimes, we work in fear thinking we are working in faith.

…to be continued

© Kayode Adebiyi (Kay Lord)

Gen 47:11-15,27, 1Tim 5:1-16 (vs.8)

Faith and fear don't work together.

Goshen was a country within a country (Egypt), how come there was abundance in Goshen and scarcity in the other part?

Your financial prosperity is not determined by the country you live in but in your faith in God.


• We live in an economically challenging times.

• Economic crises (famine) is not new - Heroes of faith survived in famine, likewise a man of faith will sail within the famine.

• In times of economic crisis, the strength of your strategy will determine weather you thrive, survive, float or sink - sometimes poverty could be self inflicted, therefore, you must listen to what the spirit is saying and not on your own expertise in economics and finance.

• You can't prevent the economic whirlwind from coming into your house to smash one or two windows. You can't control which direction the economic whirlwind will blow - you can build your own financial house to withstand the wind of economic crisis.

You must develop what is called, WISE FINANCIAL PRACTICES. That is, having a good leadership quality to drive your life/home. That is what guarantees your financial success.

There are four (4) basic principles for financial success but there are some truths about this four basic principles that I believe you must know.


• They are so simple and can be overlooked.
• They work rather the economy is in boom or doom, inflation or deflation.
• Best time to apply this four (4) principles is before the economic crisis, but if you are already hit, the only way out is to apply this principles.
• It would also prevent future crises.


Think long term with goals and investing:
What you do in times of economic boom will determine what you will do during economic crunch.
Set goals in writing for the future
Invest and plan for long terms and not short terms
Goal setting is a faith process.

Our yearnings are usually more than our earnings:
Spend less than you earn (financial discipline).
Make a spending plan, that is, a budget.
Like you do a medical check up, like wise always do a financial check up - (a) what do I owe (b) what do I own (c) how much am I spending (d) how strong is my safety net (savings).
Develop spend control to avoid overspending
If you consistently spend less than you earn, you will do fine financially.

Maintain liquidity and emergency saving:
A reserve set aside will help you ride the surprises life throw at you.
Savings will help to avoid debt
Spending less is better than earning more
Don't use your health to get your wealth by overworking so that you don't use your wealth to fix your health
Being frugal is the cornerstone of wealth building

Minimise the use of debt:
Debt increases risk
It may allow you to have more now but it will not allow you to have more in the future.
Stop unneccessary 'aso ebi' purchases if it does not fit into your budget.

NOTE: The first thing Joseph did in order to salvage the intending doom of famine was to do a financial check up. Thereafter, he set goals and he had a plan. He built store houses to save during the boom period. In order words, he maintained a disciplined attitude by not utilising every of the resources of the boom period, rather he saved a percentage in the store houses that he built.

Have you taken time to wonder how come other people within the same nation were coming to Joseph during the famine for food? Everybody had a seven (7) years of abundance, how come Joseph had savings and others didn't have? Gen 47:15.

….to be continued

© Kayode Adebiyi (Kay Lord)

Thursday, April 11, 2013

What is it with BEST FRIENDS?

Hey folks, really can you be your spouse's best friend?

When a man or a woman is asked, who's your best friend?
It is very common to hear answers like; "my wife is my best friend" or
"my husband is my best friend".

Really, do you think it is normal and healthy
for any marriage? Personally, I have my reservations about this norm.
My wife is not my best friend, she can not fit that role! My wife is my wife,
I love her to bits, but she can not perform the responsibility of my best friend.

Before you go up in arms against me, please hear me out. I know some folks are
already squeezing their faces and rolling their eyes now……thinking….."what does he mean
my husband is not my best friend? Who else would be my best friend if not my husband?"

Let's cut the chase, the role of a best friend can not be juxtaposed with the role of a wife/husband.
This are two distinct role that can not meet, they are two parallel lines that should not meet. My wife is the apple of my eye, my love, my heartbeat and the receiver of my love and affection. A man and his wife and vice versa is in a covenanted relationship that is ordained by God. It is a special kind of relationship and it is unique and holy!

In as much as there is a special and unique bond between a man and a woman in marriage, to rely on your spouse as your 'best friend' is totally unrealistic. There will be some aspect of your spouse's life that you can not understand either from a male or female perspective. There are bound to be issues concerning your lives that you will need to discuss with someone else and not your spouse.

TD Jakes said and I quote; "venting every frustration on your spouse can lead to saying things that you will regret. Sometimes, even in the best of marriages, your frustration is with her/him, something he/she did, so how can you get objective counsel from her/him?"

You see, often times, a man needs to be able to talk about his frustrations to someone he's not emotionally attached or responsible for, someone he can dissipate his anger on without having to explain why he had to do that for the next 5 weeks. When you try too hard to make your marriage an 'all for one, one for all' idea, there is the tendency for you to loose your individuality.

To me, it is an anathema for a man or a woman/man to loose his/her hobbies or things of interest that he/she likes just because he/she wants to please his/her spouse. That is not healthy! Why should you drop your hobbies just because you are married to someone who does not find it interesting? There should be separate interest and needs that must be nurtured and enjoyed apart from each other if you want your marriage to stand the test of time. This is very common among women; just because your husband loves golf does not mean you have to follow him to the golf club or to learn how to play golf. I hear a lot of women say; 'you know he loves football, I have to develop interest also in watching football…what? Pleeeeeesssssseeeeeee

Folks, you have the ability to be fully and madly in love and still share different interests. It would be terrible if you allow your marriage to destroy your own personality. You have a life too, so live it to the fullest! "Marriage is meant to provide an opportunity for you to share who you are, and not destroy who you are" - TD Jakes

Believe it or not, a lot of marriages are dying from spending too much together….I know a lot of folks will question my assertion here…thinking….are couples not meant to spend most time together? I beg to disagree sir/ma, spending too much together is what is killing your marriage, it can be stifling!

Please, I beg of you, give your relationship a breathing space….spending time together is good but when you have to spend your waking up and sleeping together every moment of time, you are killing that relationship. Haba! You live together, work together, go to church together, play golf together, go out together, travel together, holiday together and sleep together and yet you wonder what is really wrong in your marriage? Please shine your eyes!

It is refreshing to get individual time if you want your marriage to last longer, you have to bring a balance into the picture. Please, ladies, there is nothing wrong in your man having a boys night together with his friends….it is healthy, stop reading meanings to every move of a man. Most importantly, when that night out with the boys is not to a strip club.

There is nothing wrong in taking occasional individual vacation, must you go together all the time? Ladies, be comfortable to cultivate other friendship that meet the needs he can not meet. Men, please go and play your golf or snooker alone, must she tag along? Let her have a life of her own.

Individual times keep relationship healthy…..go get yours!

© Kay Lord

Wednesday, October 31, 2012


Gen 8:20-21..."The Noah built an alter to the Lord, and took of every clean animal and of every clean bird and offered burnt offering on the alter. And the Lord smelled a soothing aroma. Then the Lord said in His heart, I will never again curse the ground for man's sake...nor will I again destroy every living thing as I have done."

Still on sacrifice. When last did you sacrifice something that caused you a fortune unto God? We are in a generation of grabbing from God but never ready to offer our substance unto Him. Most of the things you pray and fast for can be triggered just by a single act of genuine sacrifice.

After the flood, Noah decided to offer a sacrifice unto God (note that he has always been a righteous man which qualified him and his family to be saved from the flood). Yet, he picked the best of his animals and the best of his birds and offered it to God. He picked the best of what he had. When last did you give unto God the best of what you have and or what cost you greatly unto God? It is a pity we are in the generation of giving left over to God. We work for God only at our convenience, we give only what we can afford and we give time that is left over. No wonder miracles are no more a daily occurrence in the body of Christ.

Immediately Noah offered the sacrifice, God smelled it. Halleluyah! Can your sacrifice be smelt by God? By one sacrifice by Noah, the curse placed upon mankind through Adam was removed. God changed his mind because of one man's sacrifice. You too can change your world, you only need to take up the challenge and give the best of all.

Pray aloud: Lord, I offer all unto you!


Gen 22:19-20..."So Abraham returned to his young men, and they rose and went together to Beersheba; and Abraham dwelt at Beersheba. Now it came to pass after these things that it was told Abraham, saying; Indeed Milcah also has borne children to your brother Nahor."

You don't know the extent your sacrifice to God can go to bless you and people around you. One attribute that is gradually slipping away from the body of Christ is sacrificial given. Sacrifice means to give up precious things regardless of its value/profit thereby sometimes causing you a disadvantage. It is the surrendering of something prized or desirable to an higher authority.

When last did you sacrifice your possession, time, intellect or giftings for the sake of the gospel? Christians loose more when they lack sacrificial attitude towards God. In today's text, immediately Abraham came back from the mountain where he was to sacrifice Isaac, his brother whose wife had been barren gave birth. When you are reckless with your sacrifice, God is ready to embarrass you with His blessing.

Abraham was unrepentantly reckless in obeying to sacrifice Isaac, and because of that singular act, he became the father of faith, even members of his family immediate and extended were blessed. He became a reference point in christiandom till today. Do you wonder why up till now we still sing; "Abraham's blessings are mine". Its all because of an act of sacrifice.

When last did you sacrifice something that cost you unto God?