Wednesday, September 18, 2013


As a Christian have you always wondered why you keep praying for money and material blessings and it seems God is not listening or answering your prayer?
You keep wondering; what am I going to do?
I need to pay rent….
I need to pay my children’s school fees...
I need to buy a car or change the old one am using….
In fact, I need to change my wardrobe…all my clothes are outdated….
When am I going to be able to afford to take my family on vacation abroad?

If you look at all the above, you will realize that everything is tied to monetary blessing and this is where we miss it as Christians. We’ve appropriated God’s blessing to monetary gains alone whereas there are a lot of issues in your life that God is dealing with but you are so spiritually blind that you cannot see it because it does not show in your bank balance…

Sometimes, God is dealing with foundational issues about your life, but you are busy praying for money. God will not give you money when you have serious foundational issue; rather God wants to clear the debris caused by years of sin, covenants and ancestral curses militating against your life. You can’t build something or nothing! If the foundational issues are not dealt with, the money you get will fritter away.
Likewise, God is doing some wonderful stuff concerning your health and that of your family but you can’t see it because you are so focused about praying for money. Let me ask you, when last did you visit the hospital concerning your personal health or that of your spouse and children? God is busy keeping you healthy first, yet you can’t see it. Have you ever wondered that there are people who have so much money but they are using it to pay hospital bills all over the world?

When food is placed in front of you, you swallow it within a twinkle of an hour. Do you know there are people who can only be fed liquid food through tubes in hospitals?
You drive your car like Michael Shumaccher, yet you have never experienced a car accident. In fact, there are instances you think you should have had an accident but God kept you, He is also protecting your family from dangers everyday… can’t see it because it is not money.
Our sense of value of things God is doing in our lives has been so distorted because of our inordinate ambition to acquire monetary blessing. Sometimes, God knows that if He blessed you with the kind of money you are praying for at a particular period of your life you will deny your faith in Him. Meanwhile, God is more interested in your soul and you making eternal life than all the money in the world.

Christians often quote this particular passage in the Bible to justify praying for money: “The blessing of the Lord brings wealth without painful toil to it” – Prov10:22. In some other versions instead of the word ‘brings’ it is substituted with ‘comes’. The BLESSING of the Lord is not money! The blessing of the Lord is a much greater thing than money, the only thing is that money comes along with it….you see; it’s like going somewhere for a purpose to do something specific, but you asked a friend to come along with you just for the fun of it. Money only tag along when God is bringing His BLESSING (note there is no‘s’ behind the blessing) to you.

There is more to your life than money, stop fretting, money will tag along eventually but meanwhile let God take you through the process of dealing with the most important issues in your life for now!
You have to keep thanking God for that which He is doing in your life NOW and ask that His will be done in your life. No matter how hard it looks believe me; he would make MANNA available for you to meet the present hunger pangs. Until the process is finished you can’t possess the land flowing with and honey.
“For I know the plans I have for you, declares the Lord, plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future” – Jer. 29:11.

Would you rather not key into His plan for your life rather than your own selfish plans?