Wednesday, October 30, 2013


Now that things are working well with you in virtually every area of your life, do you feel the need to pray more? After all, when situation was really bad, you have really prayed. Hmmmm...I can feel someone thinking aloud...'I really prayed in those days when things were so bad for me'. My question to you now is; do you still feel the urge to pray like that, now that most of the things that turned you into a 'prayer warrior' in the past have all been sorted and answered by God?

You need to understand that success brings with it greater opportunities for failure if you are not spiritually sensitive. Have you ever wondered why some folks you know to be a very strong praying person suddenly relax after success comes? Have you also tried to find out why all of a sudden everything starts to get worse again?

There was a story of a young man who went to see his Pastor and said, 'I was so tested and tried, things were so difficult before, I really prayed to God and am happy to inform you Pastor that my life generally has smoothed out. I am not been tempted hardly at all anymore'. The Pastor looked deeply alarmed-not the reaction the young man was expecting. 'That's about the worst thing I could have heard', the Pastor told the young man. He further told him, 'That shows you are no longer in warfare! The devil is not worried about you anymore.'

Folks, we are redeemed and commissioned for the front lines. That is why we are of the Davidic generation, the generation that takes the battle to the enemy. Believe it or not, everything you have today, physically, materially and all the successes acquired are all spoils of war!

For every level you attain in life, there is a new devil to contain and contend with. You can't allow success to take the best of you. The moment you achieve something remarkable in life is the moment to intensify in your prayer and spiritual life because the primary assignment of the devil is not to see your head lifted up.

This is a call NEVER to take your hand off the plough, there is a higher call placed upon you. Don't settle for better when there is a place called best! Why are you getting carried away with little success when God has a place called great reserved for you. Why is your prayer and spiritual life becoming lukewarm, why do you want the devil to deceive you with what you have now when God planned something better?

It is time to step up and come up higher!


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