Saturday, November 27, 2010


Have been wondering for so many years what PURPOSE is. I discovered that purpose is the discovery of your God given GIFT. The day you discover your gifting, you discover your purpose, that is your WORK. The first thing God gave Adam was WORK. Your PURPOSE is your WORK! Now, what is work? WORK means to manifest and to reveal. God created man to work, not to have a JOB. You can get fired from your JOB but you can't get fired from your WORK. Have you tried to find out why you get depressed every Monday morning? It's because you have to go to your JOB and not to your WORK. You can't fire Tiger Woods, Lionel Messi, Pastor Adeboye, Pastor Tunde Bakare, Ebenezer Obey etc. They are not at a JOB but at their work. The ace footballer, Jay Jay Okacha was once asked; what is your hobby? He said my hobby is my work and I get paid handsomely for what I love doing. This is the real purpose of God for man; WORK! Psalm 104 vs 23,

When a man encounter his purpose, he will become committed; when he's committed, he will be creative and when he becomes creative, he becomes productive. When he's productive, he becomes successful, and when outstandingly successful, he becomes impactful and he rules his domain.

God created man to dominate his environment. How? We are not to dominate each other but to dominate our environment. Leadership is not about dominating people but of self discovery. It is your "work" (gift) that will attract people to you and will make people to respond to you. When you discover who you are in God and what he has created you to do, men are naturally attracted to you, and you become an expert in your domain. That is how to rule over a domain. Who rules over a domain? A KING! The cattle rules and leads in the domain of milk production, that is what attract people to her. The Camel rules in the desert because of it's ability to carry heavy loads and go without food and water for many days. That's what attracts people to her.

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