Saturday, January 1, 2011


NEW WINE AND THE NEW WINE SKIN-Mat.9:17 (Anchor Scripture for 2011)
Do you still want to carry the new wine inside the old wine skin? This is year 2011 and God is calling us to a higher place..."Come up here..." Rev.4:1. But you can not access that which God is calling you into in 2011 if you still carry the old wine skin...the old wine skin represents your past mentality,it's static & old. You can't remain the same and expect the new wine to flow into you. The new wine is the holy spirit, it is's anything flowing from the throne of grace and believe me you can't access it with your 2010 mentality because it is an old wine skin. God is expecting new things in you for new wine to work in you. God is not moved by your need, poverty or your sad face. God is only moved by his principles! When God sees a new skin, he will pour forth a new wine. Remain Blessed in 2011 as you heed his call to an higher place in Him. Joy Cometh!

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