Friday, February 18, 2011



The Lord is good unto them that wait for him, to the soul that seek him- Lamentations 3: 25.

Father let this word bring illumination to the spirit of your people just like it has done to mine. “Your word is a lamp unto my feet and a light unto my path.” There shall be a performance of your word in the life of your people. Amen!
The verse of the word of God above is an assurance with a condition, reiterating the fact that when we play our part, God will play his own part. Often times, we refuse to play our own part, that is why it seems that God’s word is not coming to fruition in our lives.

Let’s take note of the first part of the verse; ‘...good unto them that wait for him’. That is, for God to be good to us, we have to learn to wait for him. I have discovered that we are always in a hurry; meanwhile God will only work by his timing and not ours. He might not act/answer at the time we wanted or at the time we feel it’s good but God will always act/answer at the right time, only if we are ready to be patient and wait upon him.

The question is; how do we wait for God to answer our prayers? Do we just sit down and continue to suffer or continue with our day to day lives while waiting? The answer to this question is found in the second part of the same verse; ‘ the soul that seek him’. To wait for God is to continually seek him, and this is what a lot of Christians don’t do or don’t know how to do. Often, what we hear a lot of Christians say is; “have prayed and have fasted and yet there is nothing”. Your prayer and fasting does not change God but changes us! God is God; our prayer can’t change him. What our prayer, the study of his word and fasting does is to renew us from inside out to make us a better person.

Waiting on him is to seek him, and seeking him is by the study of his word, prayer and fasting. When we do this we are sowing a seed and you don’t do business with God and not reap the benefit. The waiting period is the time you sow the seed of prayer, fasting and the study of his word. His word (logos) will renew our spirit and we will begin to receive his word (rhema) directly, because only the deep can call unto the deep. His word will lighten your spirit, give you insight and you will begin to see possibilities where you’ve never seen it before, his word will grant you wisdom and understanding and you will begin to see solutions to the issues of life that have hitherto been an obstacle in your way.

Therefore, let us in spite of whatever the situation is or whatever it is we are going through, God is calling us to trust him by seeking his face continuously. He is not man that he should lie...let us come unto his throne of grace with a penitent heart and receive grace to seek him always. Amen!

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