Monday, February 3, 2014


We embrace Christianity in Africa but failed to embrace the act and mind of Christianity. We speak 'christianese' but we don't do the act christianity. A lot of folks back here are yet to be delivered from serious demonic forces that have ravaged Africa for centuries. It takes the spirit of God to process this stuffs and not sense knowledge.

Now, let me paint a scenerio for you. Confess Christianity from now till Jesus comes, if you don't act and do the will of God nothing will happen. In the Western world, the children, the aged and the most vulnerable in the society are of great importance to government.

Politicians campaign and fight for election based on who can best take care of the people or do it better among their political parties and leaders. They protect the weak and the most vulnerable seriously. Any society that fail to cater for the young, the old and the most vulnerable of their population is acursed!

The Western world might not profess Christianity the way we do, but they act it in the way they relate and cater for the most vulnerable amongst them. That's why Jesus said in the good book, "I was thirsty u did not give me water, I was homeless YOU did not shelter me. I was naked and cold but YOU did not give me a covering". Then, they (Christians) asked Him, when did you suffer all these things that we did not come to your rescue? We even heal and perform miracles in your name. He answered them, "once you did not do it to the least of these persons ( the weak, poor, naked and homeless) you have not done it unto me". He thereafter said; I know you not, you workers of iniquity!

Take note folks, those things that Jesus itemised are what the Western govt don't joke about with their citizens...shelter, food, clothing, healthcare etc. Meanwhile, those are the things that African govt neglects.

Now, my question is, who is doing God's will? Have you ever wondered why the Western world in spite of whatever economic recession confronts them, they keep excelling, breaking new grounds, but African countries with churches all over the place keep retrogressing? Christianity is an act, not a confession. Africa needs deliverance from the demonic spirit of greed, hate and idolatory. These are the reasons why African leaders always get it wrong...Flesh and blood can't reveal this except spiritual discernment. I tell a lot of friends going into politics to look before they leap or else they will be attacked by these forces and you wonder why someone you knew so well get into govt and start to keep up with the Joneses..
-KayLord 2014

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