Monday, February 3, 2014


What we need to understand is that society would have to determine and define the standard she wants to live by. That is why nations have sovereign power to set rules it wants to live by either based on its tradition, culture or religion.

By African standard, nay Nigeria, in whatever way you look at it, culturally, traditionally or religiously homosexuality is an anathema to us as a people. Now, this is not a liberty to hate homosexuals but we have the right to hate the sin in them. It is barbaric to stone or kill any man unjustly just becausec he/she claims to be gay. That is another barbaric act and you can't win the war against a barbaric practise in a barbaric way.

Let homosexuals stay in the confines of their bedrooms to do what the heck they want to do...I don't give a huit! But, they should not throw it on our faces or ask us to change our laws and our ways to accomodate them or thier getting married legally. That would be insulting our sensibilities.

I have lived abroad, I worked with them and we relate and I don't have any issues with them as human beings. I don't have the capacity to hate any man, but keep your 'shit' to yourself and don't throw it in my face or ask us to make laws to accomodate your wieredness.
-KayLord 2014. #justmytake

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