Friday, September 7, 2012


2Sam 11:1-4, 12:11-15
Sin is a sinker! If care is not taken, it can sink you into the abyss of total destruction. I believe you are familiar with the story of David and Bathsheba, and how David planned the death of her husband, Uriah after he had sexual relationship with her. There are two basic truth you need to know concerning the act of sin and also the grace of God to pull us out of the sinking ship of sin into eternal life.

First, stop acting smart, things you are hiding from man is not hidden from God- 2Sam12:12. Second, you know what is wrong before you do it. That is why David committed additional sin by killing Uriah, Bathsheba's husband. He knew before and after committing the sin that it was wrong. Don't blame other people and don't blame the devil. Its wrong to pass the bulk and blame others for your own mistake.

Beloved, believe me, it is an act of mercy for your sin to be exposed. If you read through today's text, David did not run away from God after his sin was exposed, rather he pressed towards God for mercy. Don't run away from God when you blow it, rather run towards Him. Don't let regret, shame and guilt hold you down. For a man who is forgiven, guilt can not hold him down.

When you sin, you have only broken fellowship, but not relationship with God. Our God is a merciful God. Above all, there is power and grace available to do what is right after doing what is wrong.

Cry unto Him today; Father, forgive and have mercy upon me!


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