Monday, October 22, 2012


Luke 5:1-2 "So it was as the multitude press to hear the WORD of God...and He saw two boats standing by the lake,but the fishermen had gone from them and were washing their nets."

Peter and his partners have toiled all night without catching a single fish, and they were washing their nets. In vs. 3, Jesus borrowed one of Peter's boats to teach the people that are gathered. Peter was a professional fisherman just like you are a professional in your own field. But, that night, his professionalism and expertise counted for nothing. He was already packing up the business just like someone reading this is about to give up on that business.

Something significant however happened, Jesus asked for use of Peters boat to preach the WORD. See vs. 4, "When He had stopped speaking He said to Simon, launch out into the deep and let down your nets for a catch." The moment you are ready to surrender your business to God, a WORD that will change the chaotic situation your business is going through will come for you. The WORD has the capacity to locate the problem in your business and career and solve it. Only the WORD can locate your destiny and give you direction.

See vs. 5, "...Master we have toiled all night and caught nothing (an expert evaluation) but at your WORD I will let down the net". I challenge you to dare to believe His WORD and your life will change for the best. Peter caught so many fishes, his net was breaking and had to call others to help. I prophesy upon your life as you read this, that business you think is to small, you will soon call on others to come and partake from it in Jesus name! Your business/career receive life now through the power of His WORD!

Declare it aloud; The WORD works!


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