Friday, October 19, 2012


John 2: 7..."Jesus said to them, 'Fill the water POTS with WATER'. And they filled them up to the brim".

The clay pots in the above text represents you and me, and the water represents the word of God. What the clay pots is filled with determines what will be drawn out of it. The question to you today is, what do you fill your life and your spirit with? It is very significant for a Christian to watch what he's been fed with and where he's been fed. If you feed/fill your spirit with garbage, garbage will be drawn out of you automatically!

The word of God is the only thing that you can feed your life and spirit with and will produce a greater dimension of impact for your life and within your sphere of influence. You will become a salt to your world. Now, let's see vs 8, "And He said to them, 'Draw some out now, and take it to the master of the feast'...". Jesus was very sure of what will be drawn out of those clay pots because He was sure of what He filled them with. Can a demand be placed on what you have been filling and feeding yourself with?

Friend, you are destined to bring forth new wine, but for new wine to be drawn out of you, you must have taken a conscious decision to load and soak yourself in the water of the word of God. That's the only guarantee for you to bring forth sweet wine. If you go further to vs 9, the master of the feast even acknowledge this new wine because the taste and the feeling was different.

Has your life so much ministered to non believers that they wonder how positive your life is impacting others and your environment? I encourage you to fill your life and spirit with the water of the word of God so that new wine can be drawn out of you.

Pray aloud; Fill me up Lord!


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