Saturday, August 25, 2012


Gen.12:4..."So Abram DEPARTED as the Lord had spoken to him..".

Until there is a departure on your side, there is no movement into destiny. Abram acted on God's instruction and departed, he made a total departure from his past and all the things that have held him down hitherto.

This is a call to you to make a total departure from your past, your old habits, old character and old philosophy of life. Where God is taken you can not accommodate your old ways of life. Abram had to depart from his idol worshipping past to embrace the worship of the almighty God. Bro & Sis, what is the idol that you worship in your heart and in your life? Is it money, fame, position, sex or your degrees? God is saying to you today; DEPART!

Friend, you can't mix and match with God, its either you want to serve God or not. There must be a total paradigm shift on your part in order for you to enjoy the totality of God's blessing. You can't afford to be neither hot nor cold, He said, He would spit you out of His mouth! I can assure you that being with Him is the greatest thing you will ever experience in life.

If you read vs. 1-3 again, you will see the promises of God to Abram which by extension is to you also. Are you still in doubt about your future? Don't just sing the slogan, 'Abraham blessing is mine'. Before that blessing can be yours you have a part to play. Play your part by DEPARTING and there after, enter into the highway of God's abundant blessing for your life.

Confess it loudly: I am departing!


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