Friday, August 31, 2012


Do you know God? Please think very well before you answer the question. I am not asking you if you know God by what your Pastor told you about Him, or what you heard of Him from your friend. I am asking you if you can answer that question like David did in vs. 1a..."O God, You are my God...".

Friend, it takes a personal knowledge and revelation to know God. Its not by mere rhetoric and slogan. The God we serve is a personal God. Its either you know him personally, that is, on a personal level or you don't know him at all. God is seeking for those who will come to a personal knowledge of Him so He can make them a wonder to their generation. To know Him is to seek Him, its for you soul to thirst for Him and for your flesh to long for Him-vs.1b.

Beloved, God can only be introduce to you but it takes a personal longing to get to know Him. If you want to experience power, favour, Glory and abundant life you have to LOOK for Him- Psl 3:2. You can't serve this God on the platform of another man's revelation. The best any man can do for you is to preach Him to you, but to experience the workings of God in your life; it takes a personal work and walk with Him.

Hear what David said, "because your loving kindness is better than life, my lips shall praise you-vs.3. It takes a man that have experienced God to make such a statement. When you know God, you know what LOVE is. Love is God personified, and to experience that kind of love from God to the extent that you know its better than life, you must have touched God's heart. Are you ready to seek Him and know Him today? Do you want to experience His abundant love today?

Declare it loudly; Father, I want to know you!


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