Wednesday, August 8, 2012


Deut 8:2..."And you shall remember that the Lord your God led you all the way these forty years in the wilderness, to HUMBLE you and TEST you, whether you would keep his commandment or not".

Your elevation in life is subject to passing the test of God. God is not moved by your emotions but your ability to abide by His principle. You can't blackmail Him by your crying or murmuring. Until you are put on a scale of testing and not found wanting, you can't be a candidate for the promised land.

To HUMBLE yourself is to destroy the independent power or will. God hates pride. You will be on the same level until you are ready to loose your independence and totally be dependent on Him. Until you declare; Lord, let thy will be done in my life, you are not yet a candidate for elevation. God hates those who are haughty in nature. Isreal spent forty years in the wilderness because they were unable to pass the test of humility.

To be humble is to resist pride and arrogance. To be humble is to be modest. Until Joseph pass the test he was not promoted to the palace. It does not matter the number of years you spend on one spot, God is not moved. Pride kills, that's why God wants to save you from what can kill you and your destiny. Joseph had a great dream, his destiny was to be great but until pride was totally eroded he did not get to the throne. He got tested for many years. Gen37:7-11 (his dreams), pride is depending on yourself and a fellow human being. Gen 40:14, the "me" syndrome was preventing Joseph from accessing his inheritance. In Gen 41:16, Joseph realised..."It is not 'me', God will...". Until you acknowledge Him and surrender all, you are not fit for the throne.

Why not declare it today; Lord, I surrender all to you, grace for humility grant unto me.


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