Tuesday, August 28, 2012


It is quite ironical how a lot of people nowadays always think they have to be in total control of everything. Are you a control freak? Do you panic when it seems you are loosing control? In fact, many put in a lot of checks and balances, and plan, re-plan, strategies, re-strategies and do everything humanly possible to prevent failure and danger to themselves.

Are you afraid of the future that you freak out when it seems some things in your life is not measuring up to your projections? Here is a question for you; when you were not aware of your own existence as a human being, who was in control of your life that you so much plan for now? When you were born, I believe some babies did not make it to be born alive, were you the one who made it possible for you to be born? As a toddler, you took so many risk unknowingly that might have led to serious danger because you don't know better but yet, you were kept save.

Psalm 27:9-10..."But You (Lord) are He who took me out of the womb. You made me trust while on my mothers breast. I was cast upon You from my birth". Also, see Psalm 139:15-16..."My frame was not hidden from you, when I was made in secret, and skillfully wrought in the lowest parts of the earth. Your eyes saw my substance, being yet unformed".

Friends, you have to ask for forgiveness if you have been too controlling of your life and your future. The one who created you, who formed you when you were not even aware of yourself is able to keep you and give you a secure and wonderful future, all you have to do is, trust Him! He promised in His word that; "I will engrave you in the hollow of my hands so that your walls shall continually be before me". Beloved, do you need a better assurance in life than this?

Pray with me; Father, I surrender all.


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