Wednesday, August 1, 2012


"Then Jephthah went with the Elders of Gilead, and the People made him head and Captain over them" (Judges 11vs 11).

Observe closely, that the Elders of Gilead came back to Jephthah and begged him to come back to his homeland. After mistreating, ridiculing, and abusing him they came back and apologized. Notice, when they came, they made him a BETTER OFFER. They made him what we would probably call 'PRESIDENT AND COMMANDER-IN-CHIEF'. Wow! This is simply exciting!

This is just the definition of God's concept of RESTORATION! He doesn't take you back to the same level. He doesn't watch you lose a job, only to give you another on the same level, He gives something better. He doesn't watch that man walk away from your life, only to give you a man of the same quality. He gives something better!

The Scriptures captures it in Isaiah 61 vs. 7 "For Your shame, you shall have double!" Today, celebrate the losses around you, SOMETHING BETTER is coming! In the eyes of men, you may have lost but in the eyes of God, something better is coming! The disappointment of yesterday will serve as a platform for your increase tomorrow.

He lost a place in his immediate family but he gained the highest position in the city.
He took a quantum leap!
He exceeded expectations!
He gained new grounds!
God is giving you a restoration that will break previous limits!

Declare to yourself 'I receive double for all losses and shame'.

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