Wednesday, August 1, 2012


Dear friends, if you take time to observe, to be still and sensitive in the spirit you will realise that the devil is always competing for the same thing God is demanding from you as offering. In Exod. 25:1-3, God told Moses that he demands an offering from the children of Israel. God asked for Gold, silver, bronze etc. Immediately Moses left for Mount Sinai to receive the pattern for the sacrifice and the Ten Commandments, they became impatient and decided to make a 'god' for themselves.

Now, in Exod.32:1-4 they submitted their gold and other things. The same thing God had asked for as offering to Himself in Exod. 25:1-3. The devil led them to submit these items to Aaron and they made a golden/moulded calf and called it their 'god'. The God that we serve is a jealous God-Exod. 32:7-10. Friends, what is in your hand/life today that the devil is competing with God for? Is it money, fame, position, time or material possession? Submit/offer it to God today! Do not wait for the devil to tempt you!

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